Map Legend

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[administrative] Administrative centre
[airstrip] Airstrip
[commercial] Commercial
[educational] Educational
[fish-farm] Fish farm
[Medical] Medical centre
[religious] Religious centre


[borehole] Borehole
[dam] Dam
[hand-pump] Hand pump
[natural-pan] Natural pan
[pan] Artificial pan
[salt-lick] Salt lick
[sand-dam] Sand dam
[scoop] Scoop
[shallow-well] Shallow well
[spring] Spring
[standpipe] Stand-pipe
[tank] Tank
[turbine] Turbine


[wildlife] Wildlife of note
[gems] Gem extraction
[hill] Prominent hill

Note: Water sources are roughly categorised into levels of availability as shown on the left.
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Drylands Resource Mapping: Isiolo County

How to use the map

Use the +/- icons in the top left to zoom in and out. Alternatively you can zoom using your mouse wheel if available, or by double clicking.

Pan around the map by holding down your left mouse button whilst dragging the mouse. Holding down the shift key whilst doing this lets you zoom into the rectangle you draw.

This is an interactive map showcasing data collected via the community resource mapping aspect of the Local Climate Resilience Project currently taking place in Kenya's drylands. It is intended that these maps and the data behind them will inform and strengthen the ability of the community to engage in the statutory and regulatory structures of local government.

The data were initially collected in a series of workshops during which a representative cross section of the local community identified the resources of interest to them (e.g. water points) and associated attributes (e.g. water quality). The data collection is an ongoing process where the map is envisaged as being a 'live' dataset, constantly being updated over time with improvements and additions, with the ultimate aim of maintaining an up-to-date representation of dryland resources.

The following partners are involved in the project: